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Eleven Benefits goal is to offer individuals & families the most affordable, credible discount plans in the nation. There are over 20 million members who love these services. It is how we can bring such great prices to you and your immediate family. View our Plans.

What is a discount plan?

Discount dental plans are convenient and affordable programs. As a member, you will receive access to savings in most instances of 15% to 50%* per visit on a variety of dental care procedures ranging from cleanings, to braces, to surgeries. There are no annual limits, no reimbursement waits, and no surprises - you'll know exactly what you need to pay ahead of time. Best of all, your whole family is included at no additional cost.

The network gives you access to over 125,000** available dental practice locations who have agreed to provide treatment to members at a discounted rate. To use the discount all you have to do is show your card at the dentist's office and pay your dentist directly and the reduced rate. That's it!

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I want to save money on...

Everything from cleanings and checkups to root canals and braces.
Checkups and glasses all the way to contacts and lasik surgery.
Save money on name brand and generic drugs.
Roadside assistance, Identify Theft, Legal and more.

What people are saying

  • “On 3/24/08 I had a dental work completed. One of the procedures originally cost $95. After the discount was applied, the cost was reduced to $52. I was amazed! This program really works!” - Tamara S. from TN
  • “I used the Roadside Assistance benefit after I got into an accident and could not drive my car home. My car was stranded and after calling and explaining where the car was the extremely nice and patient CSR assisted me to make sure it was towed somewhere affordable for me.” - Jessica G from TX
  • “By using the Vision discount program, I saved nearly half of the total expense for my prescription eye glasses. The eye exam fee plus the cost of two pair of frames and lenses totaled nearly $600. With the discount program, my total was less than $350. Basically, I was able to get the second pair of glasses for free.” - Darryll L. from MO
  • “My mother has a Medicare Supplement but no dental insurance. She had a treatment plan required almost $6,000 worth of work. Her current dentist happened to be in the Aetna network! The total estimated cost of the treatment plan went from $6k to $4,200! She is on a fixed income and I assist her in major expenses so this was great for both of us.” - Angela H. from TX
  • “One night my 12 year old son had an upset stomach and vomited a couple of times. I considered taking him to the emergency room, but instead of waking up my other children and dragging them to the hospital, I called TelaDoc. Within 30 minutes I was on the phone with a doctor. The doctor suggested fluids, rest and a call to my doctor in the morning. I’m thankful that I avoided the time and expense of going to the ER.” - Mary M. from LA

Our latest articles

How Much Will Dentures Cost You?

Dentures can cost thousands of dollars – and that’s before including any preparatory procedures that may be required. In many cases, annual spending limits on dental insurance leaves patients with hefty bills. Our discount plans can help lower the cost of dentures and other dental procedures.

Understanding Tooth Extraction Procedures and Costs

Tooth extractions often costs a few hundred dollars per tooth. For many insurance plans, the extractions and initial exams add up to more than the annual coverage limits. You may be able to save as much or more with a dental discount plan instead.

What is the BEST dental plan?

Don’t get trapped by high premiums, restrictions on procedures, annual caps,

Dental Plans for Seniors

For seniors, dental care is an especially important part of their medical regimen that can have a significant impact on their quality of life. Unfortunately, they’re also likely to struggle getting dental insurance at an affordable price. Could discount dental plans be the solution?

Why discount dental plans?

As costs increase and the number of employers offering traditional dental programs continues to decline, it is more important than ever that individuals have access to affordable dental care. We offer something that isn't dental insurance – a discount dental membership plan. Membership in the program works like many other discount club cards you are familiar with. Simply show your card at a participating provider and receive a discount on the work provided.

At ElevenBenefits, our goal is to provide you with the most affordable discount dental plans available anywhere in the country. Our plans have the same low monthly cost regardless of your age, family size, or existing dental care needs. You won’t have to wait for months to be eligible for care, either. You will receive your membership card and your services will be activated 7-10 business days after you join.

Discount dental plans are great for individuals who need a dental supplement to Medicare or who don’t receive dental insurance through their employer, those with preexisting conditions that insurance won’t cover, and anyone who has exceeded their annual insurance cap.

In addition to our excellent dental discount plans, we also offer packages with discounts on vision care and prescriptions, access to physicians over the phone, roadside assistance, and many other services . Each of our programs has been designed specifically to provide you affordable access to a range of health care and other benefits at reduced prices. Visit our discount medical plan page for more information on the savings and services you’ll receive as an ElevenBenefits member.

Aetna Dental Access® Network

Our dental discount plan provides you with access to the extensive Aetna Dental Access® network of prescreened, high quality providers. More than 125,000** available dental practice locations with savings in most instances of 15% to 50%* per visit on a wide variety of services for only $5 per month.

Want to Save Even More?

Saving money is good, but saving more money is better! You will receive a free month of membership every year when you sign up for any of our annual membership plans.

**According to the Aetna Enterprise Provider Database as of November 1, 2012.